(16.07.2019) PPPoker is a perfect place for PLO and OFC players.


PPPoker Clubs

PPPoker continues to gain popularity among players around the world. At the moment it is one of the largest poker platform in the market of mobile applications. Every day there are more and more new alliances and clubs start working.

How to start playing at PPPoker?

Anyone can register in this application. However, to get into clubs and start playing, you will need the help of agents. For our part, we provide access to clubs with good amateur/regular ratio, reliable reputation and comfortable conditions. Contact our managers on Skype and start playing at the PPPoker today!

Clubs with a great game of PLO and OFC

Most of the clubs focus on the growing popularity of Pot Limit Omaha and OFC poker. Almost everywhere there is a tendency to increase the number of tables with these games. Tables have become much larger, and there is an influx of new players and increased interest in these games.

In many clubs limits from PL20$ to PL1k$ are available. The game can be found at any time, as the clubs work around the clock. Each limit is available for at least 2 tables. In OFC you can always find 2-3 active tables to play at limits from $0.5 to $30 per point.

What are the benefits?

It should be noted that the rake in the PLO is 5% with a 3bb CAP. Rake in open Chinese Poker is 3% with a 3-point CAPt. However, for our players we pay an average of 35% rakeback. The amount of rakeback depends of the club.

Recently, the PPPoker application supports multiplayer. Now each player can play up to 3 tables from one account.


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