First season of PPGL at the PPPoker.

From February 1 to February 26, the popular poker platform PPPoker hosted the first season of the PPPoker Global League, in which players representing their countries competed.

ppgl 1st season

ppgl 1st season

Results of the first PPGL season

According to the results of the competition, Armenia took the first place among all participating countries. Players playing under her flag scored the most points in ranking tournaments, and the top three players received sponsorship prizes for offline tournaments:

1) FARTA777 — $10,000
2) Kasperro — $5,000
3) Vagan — $3,000

It is worth noting that the second season of PPGL started on March 1, 2023. Anyone can take part in the qualification stage. All you need to do is play in special tournaments and collect as many ranking points as possible for yourself and your country.

And if you want to start playing in PPPoker private clubs, then you need to contact our manager via skype or email.



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