(28.09.2016) Applicants to the Poker Hall of Fame in 2016



On the eve of the finals of the World Series in Las Vegas traditionally chosen aplicants for a place in the Poker Hall of Fame. Each time after the announcement of nominees, the players of the old school are committed to discuss about list who is worthy of inclusion, but someone by simply forgotten.

Nominees for this year in the Poker Hall of Fame:

Chris Bjorin,

– Humberto Brenes,

– Todd Brunson,

– Eli Elezra,

– Bruno Fitoussi,

– Chris Moneymaker,

– Carlos Mortensen,

– Max Pescatori,

– Matt Savage

– And David «Devilfish» Ulliott.

Daniel Negreanu had a analysis of how many worthy candidates and proposed its own list.

Requirements for nominees:

– The player has to play with the recognized masters;

– It must be at least 40 years;

– He must play the higher stakes;

– Its successes should be stable and should earn the respect of colleagues;

– The player must pass the test of time.

Daniel estimated the number of points in his view has each candidate:

Chris Bjorin – 5 of 5

Humberto Brenes – 4 of 5

Todd Brunson – 5 of 5

Eli Elezra – 3 out of 5

Bruno Fitoussi – 3 out of 5 (1 out of 1 in category functionaries)

Chris Moneymaker – 2 out of 5

Carlos Mortensen – 5 of 5

Max Pescatori – 3 out of 5

Matt Savage – 1 of 1

David «Devilfish» Ulliott – 5 of 5

Here is a list of what should be according to Negreanu:

David Chiu – 5 WSOP bracelets, winner of the Champions tournament, the winner of WPT championship, won in tournaments $ 8,000,000 Excellent play all games, both in tournaments and in cash games..

Huck Seed – winner of the WSOP Main Event, 4 bracelets, $ 7.6 million in prize money in tournaments played in a road game against the strongest.

John Duffy (functionary) – EPT created from scratch. To agree to hold the tournament, went to different countries and solve problems with the local laws. Arranged TV broadcast, which added prestige tournaments. Today the EPT – the largest and most successful poker series.

David Oppenheim – one of the most successful and stable cash game players over the past 20 years. Playing the highest limits. $ 1.8 million in prize money in tournaments at a very small distance. Very respected among colleagues in all the games.

Ray Dehargani – 1 bracelet, $ 1.6 million in prize money in tournaments at a very small distance. According to many, today he is the best player in the mix of games, consistently played the most expensive limits for 20 years. Very respected among colleagues in all the games.

Isaiah Shainberg (functionary) – changed poker forever, creating the PokerStars – the industry leader and most recognized brand in poker. Spas are very many, buying Full Tilt Poker and paying millions of dollars to players who otherwise hardly ever have to see their money.

Jeff Lissandro – 6 WSOP bracelets (3 stud games in one year), $ 5.4 million in prize money in the tournament, winning player in the cache for high stakes.

John Hennigan – 4 WSOP bracelet winner Players Championship for $ 50k, $ 6.8 million in prize money in the tournament, plus cash game player at the higher limits.

Daniel wrote in his blog :

You have no idea how many people have told me my list is much more objective proposed. A crying shame that David Oppenheim and Ray Dehargani not among the nominees of the fact that many people probably do not know who they are. They were not shown on television, in which time they have won millions in cash games, and any good player in the mix-games not only knows but also immensely respects.

Also, it is possible that journalists are not able to appreciate the skill cash game players. Their results can not be traced, so they only need to poll only those who have played with them.

Over the past 15 years, poker has changed dramatically, and the game has grown audience seriously. Before the poker boom of the people responsible for the nomination of candidates, we know and understand thoroughly the players who are best suited. Today, the selection process has become blurred. For many people affected by the list of nominees who do not understand who really deserves to be in it.

I have not decided who will give their votes, but I can say that I will not vote for those who did not get from me or 5 out of 5 or 1 of 1. From the entire list of this year stands out Carlos Mortensen (winner of the WSOP Main Event, WPT championship winner, 2 WSOP bracelets, three WPT victory in the tournament, the prize for the WPT leader in history, $ 12 million in prize money in tournaments).

I doubt that in the summary of Carlos a lot of success in the cash games, but in tournaments he had outstanding results with modest load compared with tournament regulars. They can not be ignored. He dominated the tournament for many years, and I venture to suggest that it has the highest ROI among all players over 30.

I am sure that one of my vote for sure Carlos will receive. The only question is, will I give him all 10 or share with others. I have not decided, but I am sure that the “Matador” has earned the honor.

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