(15.02.2019) PurePlay Poker is a private poker room with expensive cash games.


PurePlay Poker

PurePlay Poker

We present to your attention privat Middle Eastern poker room PurePlay Poker. If you are a Pot Limit Omaha player, then you should pay attention to this small poker room. Almost around the clock you can find a good action at medium and high limits.

What is PurePlay Poker?

The main traffic of this poker room concist of the recreational player which level compared to offline casino. Most of all players are residents of Israel, Turkey, and the Balkan countries. During the day there can be from 3 to 10 active tables.

At the moment, the game takes place at the limits of 1 / 2-20 / 40 (PLO50-900), but on weekends a more expensive game at the limits of 50/100 (PL2.7K) can be set up. Almost all the tables in PurePlay Poker are 6-max, but there are also HU-tables.

This poker room has only a browser version of the client. For this reason, there is no program support for collecting statistics. Visually, the software looks pretty good. It is possible to change the theme of registration, and also here you can set up a beta slider.

PUREPLAY POKER — is a small Israeli poker room with an expensive cash game.

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