Upsides and downsides Red Dragon Poker.



1) Red Dragon Poker: main information
2) The main feature of Red Dragon
3) Upsides RDP
4) Downsides RDP
5) Registration process
6) How to make cashin or cashout
7) FAQ

Red Dragon Poker

Red Dragon Poker

Red Dragon Poker: Main Information

🎁 Red Dragon poker room is one of the most reliable Asian poker rooms. This is confirmed by the fact that the partner of Pokerstars. Red Dragon application started in early 2019 and has gained popularity since then.

This poker room contains the main types of poker. Here you can find games in NL Holdem, PL Omaha, 6+ as well as tournaments. The application is designed for mobile devices on IOS and Android platform, but you can install app on your PC using emulator android.

🤙The main feature of RDP.

The presence of a common player lobby is the main feature of Red Dragon. In many other applications, the main principle is the club system. This is not so convenient because each club has its own rules, conditions and different pools of players. On Red Dragon instead of clubs used classic common lobby players, where you will be available all the gaming tables at the moment.

😁Upsides Red Dragon.

1) Total pool of players and actual abandonment of the club system.
2) English verision of application. Many Asian applications have an exclusively Chinese version of the app.
3) Players register accounts on real phone numbers.
4) Good security service.
5) A loyalty program is available.
6) Quick cashin and cashouts.

😞Downsides RDP.

1) The application contains an unusual currency Red Dragon Coins. (16.66 RDC = $1).
2) This app doesn`t have PC version. If you want to play on your computer you should use emulator android, which causes additional inconvenience when installing and configuring the application.
3) Cashin and cashouts can be made only with a Chinese bank card or alipay.

✍️Registration process

If you want to start playing Red Dragon Poker Room you need to contact our manager on Skype, Telegram or by email. We will provide you with all the necessary information about the transaction.

1) Download and install Red Dragon Poker
2) Start the application and press Register.
3) Fill out the registration form. Important! Use a real phone number, in the future you may have to accept SMS to log in to your account. Before registering, please check with our manager for the invitation code.
4) After completing the form, click on the button Get Captcha and enter the verification code you received and then press Register.
5) In the next window, enter your nickname and click Confirm.

💰How to make cashin or cashout

The Red Dragon app has a direct cash register. All players can make deposit or withdraw money at any time. Cashin or cashouts are quite fast in real time.


💵What is the minimum deposit in the poker room?

Minimum deposit in poker room is $300

📈Can I use programs to collect statistics?

There is no official permission to use Hand2Note, HM2 and PT4 trackers at the moment.

💻How to play couple tables at Red Dragon?

You can only play one table from your phone or tablet. To run multiple tables, you need to use an emulator.




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