Review of the most attractive Asian poker rooms in the moment.


As a rule, Asian poker rooms only give info about the number of players online. There is absolutely zero data about such insignificant details as bonuses, signing up the pros e.t.c. Let’s open up the secret about the current state of affairs in poker rooms. Actually, the only important information that is relevant for almost all the players is whether the current players are winning, what stakes are common and the rep of the room.

Let us start from the frontrunner – the Chinese poker room Pokermonster (Lianzhong network) .

It started with controversial information about the pool of the players, not much winners were  playing in the room, though there were no cheats and superusers reportedly. So I had to fly to China to meet the owner of the room as I had known him personally. We had a talk and discussed things. And decided to begin our cooperation.

Lianzhong Lobby

Lianzhong Lobby

It was easy to understand that the easiest game here is push-fold. This is the variation of the game at 888 when the player has several antes and decides whether he should push or fold or be deprived of this ante. It is obvious that 2 or 3 days with Hold’em Resources should solve this game. The poker room also has nice Hold’em, though the rake is quite high.

Well, the first registered players were aiming 50/50 to these two disciplines. In result, push/fold players were winning a lot and losing in NL Hold’em. Push/fold winnings were huge – about 100К in two months. The author of this review participated in it personally. About 15 thousands were lost in Holdem – by 3 or 4 people. This was difficult morally. I got accusations about representing the room full of cheaters. The people who beat PokerStars started to lose here. How did it happen? Well, that were 2-3 stacks only.

I am glad I didn’t leave that room in that moment, waiting patiently as not all the players were losing, in push/fold in particular. In 2 months, everyone was winning with the current profit of over 300K in the moment.

The summary and the verdict – one is able to beat all the games in the poker room. There are Spin & go games now as well.

The second in our list is IDN network presented by the poker room ShenPoker .

It is a new network for us but we started to work here as the traffic is good and we thinks the money is safe. Most of the traffic is from Malaysia and Indonesia. I played poker in Jakarta several times and I can say that people in this room play in a special style, short and very short stacks. Half of the table limps, then calls all-in, everyone shouts, taps the table rooting for their hand.

Shen Poker

Shen Poker Lobby

If you’re eager to see that in 207 and don’t believe such thing exists, well, welcome to Shenpoker.

The dynamic is relatively positive though not as great as in Pokermonster.

The third is an Indian room Spartan Poker.

Everyone knows that Indian economy and traffic took a hard hit of the denomination. A really hard hit. There is almost no cash in the economy and even online casinos don’t pay over the minimal amounts.

Spartan Poker

Spartan Poker Lobby

In December, the state tax for withdrawal came in force (TDS of 30%).

The traffic is down by one third, or traffic decreased in half but those who stayed keep tearing the field apart.

Old and controversial GG NETWORK concludes our today’s review.

They say, it is possible to win there from time to time. We confirm. 8/10 people in this network lose but the remaining two equal things up. The traffic is solid there but it is grey and very tough, nits everywhere.HM is restricted.

The network with controversial stories of users’ ban in the past and not enough proven super user, is in the fourth place in our list.

The balance of our players is about even, or a little bit negative even.


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