(12.04.2017) Maurice Hawkins set a world record!


Most of the poker players dream about winning any offline tournament. But, the biggest and most honorable achievement is the victory in one of the tournaments of the world series of poker. Most likely, many players will not be able to get the title of the winner of the WSOP or WSOPC. Someone will not even play in the tournament, due to lack of money for the fee, someone will fly to the prize zone, someone is waiting for an insulting rumble on the bubble of final table, and someone will stop a step before the victory and fly out on the offensive 2 place. All these players, and will remain in non-existence, because all the laurels always go to the winner. But, this news is not about disappointment, but about the incredible achievement of Maurice Hawkins, who managed to win in 10 WSOPC tournaments.

April 10, 2017 American professional player Maurice Hawkins did what no poker player has ever managed. In the tournament that took place in the Council Bluffs casino, having defeated 270 players, Maurice received $ 97,561 and a record 10 WSOPC ringAt the moment, Hawkins is the unconditional record holder of the series.

In the final distribution of the tournament, Hawkins scored 3 bets of William Perpich.The flop came out 655. Perpich set, Maurice called. The eight came on the back.Perpich made a bet, Maurice booked. An ace came up the river, Perpich put the olein, Hawkins pranked. William showed AK, Hawkins had pocket money.

Place Player Prize
1 Maurice Hawkins $97,561
2 William Perpich $60,292
3 Charles Moore $43,748
4 Ross Clare $32,276
5 Sam De Silva $24,207
6 Jack Do $18,447
7 Stanley Webb $14,276
8 Matt Hamilton $11,219
9 David Delaney $8,951

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