(2.12.2016) Team Monreal Nationals became the first champion in the history of the GPL!


So, ended first season of Global Poker League. The first champion in the history is Canadian team Monreal Nationals.

gpl results

gpl results

Playoffs, was very interesting in its glow. Between the rivals was a serious struggle. In almost all games the winner was determined only in the last game.

The main rout in the playoffs made “Moscow Wolverine” in the first semi-final the team of Anatoly Filatov defeated Liv Boeree  team , London Royals. Two wins from Garik Yaroshevsky, and for one wins from Filatov and Pateychuk and only one Igor Kurganov from London Royals team.  Match score is  4-1 in favor of “Wolverine”.

In the second semi-final “Berlin Bear” beat ” Dragons.” Brian Rast and Bill Perkins wons their  two matches against “Dragons” and  brought victory to “bear” with a match score of 4-2.

In the conference finals, unfortunately, luck was not on the side of Wolverine and they were unable to pass the command of the Berlin Bears. Everything was decided in the last, seventh game, where was met Brian Rast and Anatoly Filatov, who`s wons two of their matches (for another victory was from Garik Yaroshevsky and Sorel Mizzi). In the final hand, the two players goes allin and ace three Anatoly Filatov could not resist then queen ten  Brian Rast, where the river put the  Q. According to the results of the Berlin team won with a score of 4-3 and went into the final GPL.

Two semi-finals of the American Conference held in a bitter struggle (Montreal 4-3 San Francisco, Los Angeles and Sao Paulo 4-3). In the conference finals, the game has not worked in a team leader from Los Angeles, Olivier Busket, who lost his two matches. As a result, Monreal got the victory with a score of 4-2 and went to the big final.

In the final, to determine the first winner in the history of the GPL commands needed all 11 games. Surprisingly, Brian Rast, breaks all the semi-final, he lost 3 of their 4  matches. Perhaps, this was the reason for  defeat of the “Bears” with a final score of 5-6. Thus, the first champion of the GPL become Monreal Nationals team consisting of – Pascal Lefrancois, Jason Laban, Marc-Andre Laduse and Mike McDonald. In addition to the Champions Cup team from Canada will receive 100 thousand dollars in prize money.

Monreal Nationals Team

Monreal Nationals Team

Although, no matter what the first season was quite busy and the main goal of the organizers to introduce poker sports game is successful.


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