6.08.2016 Lianzhong (PokerMonster) celebrates anniversary!



Lianzhong (PokerMonster) celebrates anniversary!

Since 4 August at PokerMonster (Lianzhong) kicks off a series of knockout tournaments, which will be awarded prize money of 20 billion!

Lianzhong World Poker Company is 5 years old and on this occasion it produced a number of interesting events in August. Lianzhong  thanks all players for their support, and promises in the future will not slow down the speed and create a more professional  poker platform .

In August Lianzhong (PokerMonster)  players waiting for a lot of interesting activities and here are some of them:

– Knockout Tournament «Hunter» and the Star special Bounty r. One of the stars in these tournaments will be Raymond Wu.

– Super Wednesday – in honor of the five-year anniversary (special bonus upgraded to $ 5 billion). Registration for this tournament without changes, a guaranteed prize pool of up to 5 billion.! Tournament on August 17th!

– Just for the cash players will be held a special promotion in honor of the 5th anniversary.

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