Chinese Poker bots



There is no better way to excel at certain things than practice them as often as possible. Open-face Chinese Poker is no exception to this rule. There is a variety of choice of whether one could try his luck playing online, Asian sites like Pokermonster or Fulpot poker being, probable, the best options for European players. We do provide registrations for those, by the way.

However, if you doubt your skill, there are certain ways to practice. At least to remember the rules one might turn to… social networking. Cyber-athletes use training playing against robots (bots), so can you playing OFC poker. POFC Ninja is the app you need. It is constantly improved to make AI better. There are multiple bots levels, so one could choose his own according to his level of play.

Leaderboards are also available. After you’ve had enough of training, join any real poker room with OFC to play on real money.


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