Scoop Holdem is a new type of poker at Upoker.


Mobile poker app Upoker has introduced a new and unique type of Hold’em. Scoop Hold’em is a unique game format that is a combination of Texas Hold’em but with unusual mechanics.

scoop holdem upoker

scoop holdem upoker

Main Features of Scoop Hold’em

At tables of 2-4 players, each is dealt 7 cards. After the flop, you need to spread 6 cards in a short time into three special rows of 2 cards in each (as separate hands), and the seventh card is discarded.

Next, the turn and river are laid out on the table, and the cards from each row and each player at the table are applied to the board – the formed combinations of 5 cards in each row are determined. After that, in accordance with the combinations, points are awarded:

• High card or pair – 1 point.
• Two pairs – 2 points.
• Set or trips – 3 points.
• Straight – 4 points.
• Flush – 5 points.
• Full house – 6 points.
• Quads- 10 points.
• Straight flush – 20 points.
• Royal flush – 30 points.

In each row, the player with the strongest combination wins, and for each row there is a special score multiplier: x1 for the bottom, x3 for the middle and x5 for the top. If the player wins all three comparisons, then it counts as Scoop and gives him an extra 30 points.

If you want to start playing in Upoker clubs, then you need to contact our manager on skype or telegram.


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