Shaun Deeb With COVID-19 Plays Online From Mexico Hospital Bed


Famous american player Shaun Deeb and highs stakes tournament regular left his home and traveled to Mexico, so that he could battle agains online poker`s best at the WCOOP 2020. Unfortunately for Deeb, he contracted coronavirus a couple weeks ago and the symptoms hit him hard. And he get have in Mexico hospital.

shaun deeb

shaun deeb

You not really a #wcoop grinder…

His disease did not prevent Shaun from continuing to fight for another WCOOP title. However, he told that playing tournaments being very hard with a covid is quite difficult. He had to sleep every 5-minute break.

In spite of health problems, the player faced the problem of connecting to the poker room. After Deeb lay down at the hospital, he received a message from Pokerstars claiming that he was not in proper jurisdiction to play for real money.

Nevertheless, he still managed to connect to the poker room and continue playing. In one of his tweets, Sean described his situation this way:

It should be noted that this is not the first time that Shaun Deeb continues to play WCOOP in spite of everything. In 2016, he missed the birthday of one of his children to stay in Canada and play the WCOOP series. That day he won one of his 8 WCOOP titles. In 2018, history repeats itself: he missed his son’s birthday and won the tournament.


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