(09.10.2018) SpadePoker: Chinese poker room with game up to NL3K.


There is no denying that each of the regular players wants to see weak opponents at his table in order to win money without pain. Today we present to your attention a regular Chinese “aquarium”, where almost at every table you can find 2-3 recreational players from Asian countries. This application is called PokerSpades.



PokerSpades is a chinese poker application for playing online poker. The main pool of players consists of residents from Asian countries. Mostly they are Chinese amatuers. Of course this application is less popular than the promoted Pokermaster. However, this has its advantages. So, as the tables come across less strong regulars.


What is the difference between Pokerspades and Pokermaster?

1) Excellent players pool, less strong regulars. Most of each 2-3 weak players at the tables.

2) Fewer clubs.

3) Available limits are from 1/2 up to 50/100 yuan, which roughly corresponds to rates from NL60 to NL3K$.

4) There are jackpot tables.


What are the similarities between the Pokerspades and Pokermaster?

1) The main action takes place in Hold’em and Omaha.

2) Players pay 5% rake only from winning sessions.

3) You can play multiple tables using a special emulator android softaware.

4) Similar interface and functionality.

How many games are in the Pokerspades?

You can find active tables in Pokerspades during the day, but traffic rush falls in the evening in China. The number of active tables can vary from 30 to 70.

Pokerspades is a new independent Asian poker room.

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