(12.10.2018) Definition of Straddle game in asian applicaions.


Most of the players who were playing exclusively online in traditional poker rooms might be unaware or not closely familiar with the term “Straddle”. It used to be utilized only during live play. However, as the age of Asian apps started, straddle made its appearance online.



What is Straddle?

Straddle is the situation in the hand when preflop one of the players that is seated right next to big blind puts the chips in the pot of two times big blind size. Not, this player will act not right away but after the players on the blinds.

All the Asian apps put straddle play as a default and it is exactly what you’ve just read in the definition above.

Why do you need to play with Straddle?

Basically, offline cash games with Staraddle is voluntary, and the players who decide to use it just want to buy the last word at the flop. However, in applications it is automatically placed in each hand. In fact, straddle is a very good way to inflate the bank and thereby increase the number of action at the table.

Features of the strategy.

At the tables with straddle, each limit is doubled. In that case your bet is not 1bb, but 2 big blinds preflop. Thus, it will be logical to take 200 bb with you at the table. In straddle games position is of great importance. While the majority of players have the most negative position of the big blind, in the game with straddle UTG becomes the most unprofitable position.

Advantages of the straddle game:

1) If you are an aggressive player, you will have an opportunity to bloat the pot preflop

2) More dynamic play at the table

3) Straddle becomes more profitable when your opponent, not you is the one who makes it. That way you get to choose whether you are going to take part in the hand or not.

4) There is a chance to squeeze the bigger number of players preflop and get in the pot with 1-2 opponents that will increase the chances of winning the hand.

Cons of the straddle game:

1) If you have a bad card, you lose double the amount
2) Absence of information before making the bet
3) The Increased pot odds for the other players at the table

Where can I play games with Straddle?

Curently, almost every Asian application has straddle games. Straddle is not a profitable move however due to the big number of the weak players in Asian apps, one is able to get the big advantage over other players at the table.

Applications with Straddle game:

Pokermaster is an exclusive poker room, with a lot of expensive cash games.

Pokerkingdom (Pokerlords) is a mobile app with access to closed clubs with good action at the tables.

Poker♠King is a Chinese poker application for mobile devices.

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