Spin-it is a new SNG tournaments at Pokerbros.


Pokerbros is one of the most popular poker app for playing on mobile devices. This poker room regularly carries out various improvements and additions to its software. A few days ago, it became possible to create Spin-it tournaments in the unions of clubs. Let’s take a look at their main features.

spin it

spin it

What you should know about Spin-it?

Based on the name, we can understand that Spin-it tournaments will be held in the spin and go format we all know. At the same time, they have their own differences. However, by and large it will be the same tournament familiar to us.

Spin-it is a 3-max hyper-turbo SNG with 3 minute blinds level. The main difference is the structure of the tournament. Players will receive 1000 starting stack. Ante will appear from level 4.

level Blinds Аnte
1 10/20
2 15/30
3 20/40
4 30/60 5
5 40/80 8
6 50/100 10
7 75/150 15
8 100/200 25
9 125/250 30
10 150/300 40

It is also worth noting that the maximum multiplier is significantly less than in classic poker rooms. This is not surprising, since this application does not have as many players as its larger competitors. Despite this, the maximum multiplier that can drop out in Spin-it tournaments is x100.

Multiplier Prizes Probability per 10K games
х2 Winner takes all 4937
х3 Winner takes all 4092
х5 Winner takes all 900
х10 Winner takes all 60
х25 Two paid positions (80%,20%) 10
х100 Three paid positions (80%,10%, 10%) 1

There is no rake is taken in Spin-it tournaments, but at the same time, almost half of the tournaments have a multiplier of x2. At the moment, tournaments in this format can be found up to $ 10.

If you want to start playing at Pokerbros clubs, then you need to contact our manager via Skype or Telegram.


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