(12.01.2017) Tournament Staking in the GG Network!


Very often there are situations when a player decides to sell some of gis action at any tournament, thereby insure your bankroll. This term is called “stacking“. The bulk of transactions in shares taking place on the so-called “staking platform”, the main disadvantage of which is that when investor are not immune from fraud the player. Probably this, GG Network presented for its players the opportunity to sell and buy shares directly in the client!


How stacking tournaments work on GG Network?

To the sale of shares at a particular tournament you definitely need to register for the tournament. After registration, you can set the percentage for sale, as well as the Markup (Surcharge). Sold shares has the right to cancel the sale of shares at any time prior to the start of the tournament, at the same time, investor can not cancel the purchase of shares. The main advantage is the fact that real estate investors from the tournament automatically to your account are paid in proportion to their contributions.

But that’s not all! Each player has a “stacking Profile”, which can stop by any potential buyer of shares and see actual statistics of any players!


So it happened that in the Russian-speaking community, even if you are a top player, the maximum that you can hope for is to sell share in the range of 1.2-1.4. Quite the opposite situation in the US, European and Asian countries, players put a pretty high rates there. GG Network is no exception, where players can put in the range of 1.5-1.8 and find buyers.

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In general, this kind of tournaments, is beneficial for both sides. A player may find co-investors in the expensive tournaments, or for hedging bankroll. Investors, in turn, can not worry about the safety of their money.



Natural8  is one of the best and biggest representatives of  GG Network. To attract new players, this poker room is sponsors the following famous players: Xuan Liu, Kitty Kuo, Dong Kim.


LotosPoker is first Russian poker room, which became part of the Asian GG Network . Playing in the poker room you get access to the thousands of recreational players from Asia, as well as weekly 35% rakeback will received to your account!


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