Join Brazilian clubs at the SupremaPoker app.


In autumn 2021, the major Brazilian alliance at the PPPoker app migrated to its own Suprema Poker platform. Brazilian clubs used to be the biggest PPPoker clubs and now most of the players have moved to another app. Let’s take a closer look at what Suprema Poker is.



Brazilian clubs at SupremaPoker

During the last few years, in the PPPoker application, the largest Brazilian alliance SupremaPoker, migrated to its own poker application SupremaPoker. Most of the 300 poker clubs in Brazil have moved to the new platform.

You can play in the SupremaPoker application both from mobile devices and from a personal computer. All payments are made in Brazilian reals. Supremapoker application interface is available in 7 different languages.

There are currently two major Brazilian alliances. Our site provides access to these alliances where you can play MTT, Spin&Go and Sit&Go, as well as cash games for NLH, 6+ NLH, 6+ PLO, PLO, PLO5, PLO6, OFC, etc.

It is worth noting that 35% rakeback is available to players in the SupremaPoker app.

If you want to start playing in this application, then you need to contact our manager in skype or telegram.

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