(06.04.18) The Millionaire is tournamnet with a grand prize pool of 1 Crore!


We all have wished for something in our life and we all have experienced not receiving that wish too, haven’t we? Well, it’s time for things to turn around. Instead of waiting for lady luck to arrive or hoping to stumble on a magic lamp, how about we take these wishes into our own hands? Yes, literally into your own hands!

How it works?

It’s time for wishes to turn into reality and how would you do that you ask? Well, TheSpartanPoker has a more reliable path you could choose, just play The Millionaire and you could be your own genie. You could grant yourself as many wishes and not be limited to just three. With a grand prize pool of 1 Crore at The Millionaire, this is your opportunity to fulfill all your wishes.

Play not just for glory but for an incredible prize pool of 1 Crore at The Millionaire.

How amazing it is to grant your wishes by your own hands. This great opportunity awaits you on the 15th of April at 4:30 PM and if you’re looking to turn your wishes into a reality, register now for The Millionaire with a buy-in of INR 7,700.

So, don’t just sit there wishing, log on to TheSpartanPoker and get playing!

Check out the complete satellite schedule below:


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