Thiago “IneedWasabi” Macedo Wins 2021 GGPoker WSOP Online Event #4


Тьяго Маседо IneedWasabi
Thiago “IneedWasabi” Macedo secured his first and Brazil’s second World Series of Poker (WSOP) bracelet when he finished with all the chips in play in Event #4: $800 Double Chance NLH online at GGPoker.

Some 1,643 players bought into the event on Day 1, creating a $1,248,680 prize pool as a result. Macedo got his hands on $161,637 of that princely sum in addition to, of course, a coveted gold WSOP bracelet.

Macedo was in disguise until the final table real-name policy exposed him as “IneedWasabi.” Macedo had bagged the third-largest stack at the end of Day 1 and found himself among the chip leaders throughout proceedings. However, Macedo sat down at the nine-handed final table eighth in chips and with plenty of work to do.

Russia’s Sergei “Igor Gofman” Pillpenko sat down at the final table as the chip leader, but he was the first player out of the door. Pillpenko lost most of his stack to Mathias “Senor Perez” Siljander before committing the remainder of his short stack with ace-eight, finding a caller in the shape of Tomi “BAABUUSKIII” Brouk, and losing to a ten on the turn.

Ukraine’s Ivan “Kewww” Babintsev’s exit in fifth-place left only four players in the hunt for the bracelet. Babintsev was down to approximately 6.25 big blinds when he looked down at king-queen and decided to move all-in from under the gun. Siljander looked him up from the big blind with ace-seven and caught a seven on the flop. Game over for Babintsev, but game on for Siljander.

The dangerous Finn, Brouk, saw his bracelet run end in a fourth-place finish worth $68,161. Brouk min-raised to 800,000 on the button, and Macedo defended his big blind. Macedo check-called a 600,000 continuation bet on a king-ten-king flop before both players checked the five of clubs turn. Macedo led for 1,056,000 on the seemingly innocuous four of spades river, only for Brouk to jam all-in for 4,244,902. Macedo tanked for more than two minutes before making the call with king-nine for trips. Brouk could only muster queen-jack.

Macedo then claimed his second final table scalp, that of Siljander. With the 250,000/500,000/60,000a blinds eating into the players’ stacks, Siljander made a move for his 4,500,000 stack from the small blind with what turned out to be nine-eight. Macedo called with the dominating king-nine. A king on the flop left Siljander drawing extremely thin; he was drawing dead by the turn.

That hand boosted Macedo’s stack to 24,391,359, but he had plenty of work ahead of him in the heads-up battle with Finnish star Andreas “Duckzzz” Nasman, who had 41,328,641 chips in front of him.

Macedo clawed his way level before forging a lead for himself. The Brazilian got the job done during Level 45 when the blinds and antes were 400,000/800,000/100,000a.

The Brazilian champion elect limped in with queen-nine and called a 2,400,000 raise from Nasman, which the Finn made with king-jack of spades. The flop came down nine-queen-six with two spades, Nasman betting 1,650,000, and Macedo calling. Both players check a red eight on the turn, but Nasman ripped it in for almost 7,500,000 on the king of clubs river, a bet that Macedo quickly called.

Event #4: $800 Double Chance NLH Final Table Results

Place Player Country Prize
1 Thiago “IneedWasabi” Macedo Brazil $161,637
2 Andreas “Duckzzz” Nasman Finland $121,209
3 Mathias “Senor Perez” Siljander Finland $90,894
4 Tomi “BAAABUUSKIII” Brouk Finland $68,161
5 Ivan “Kewww” Babintsev Ukraine $51,114
6 Stoyan “UncleToni” Obreshkov Bulgaria $38,330
7 Ido “idollar” Aboudi Israel $28,743
8 Sung keung “skpang781” Pang Hong Kong $21,554
9 Sergei “Igor Gofman” Pillpenko Russia $16,163

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