Currently, Asian app Thirteen Poker is one of the best places to enjoy real money play. As new players are being attracted to it, the traffic of this poker platform increases on a daily basis. You will easily find limpers at any stakes here

As Thirteen Poker moved to a new gaming platform, our players faced some difficulties while installing and launching the app. That is why we’ve decided to prepare a little guide that has to help players in installation and setup of a new client.

So the app Thirteen Poker moved to a new platform called Oh Poker. Functions of a new app are copied from the previous location. In addition to that, all the gaming history, players’ balances and the club remained the same. In order to continue playing you just have to install the new app into the Android emulator. Then you will be able to continye playing on your existing account of Thirteen Poker.

How to install Oh Poker?

1) One is able to download an app on the link  https://fir.im/qny7

2) Delete the Android emulator entirely from your desktop.

3) Download the new version of Android emulator  http://www.ldmnq.com/

4) Set Chinese in the Android emulator image. Unfortunately, currently the app will only function on Chinese.

5) Open the emulator and install Oh Poker.


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