Timothy Adams won the first title of Super Million$.



There are only a few prestigious tournaments that Canadian professional player Timothy Adams has never won in his rather long career. One of those tournaments was GGPoker Super MILLION$.

Timothy Adams started the final table as a chipleader. You could bet on him winning at odds of 2.6. This new feature is already available in the GGPoker game client.

In the final hand of the tournament, Jans Arends went all-in with A-Q, to which Timothy Adams responded with a call of Q Q . The big card on the board was a Jack and so Timothy Adams became the tournament champion.

 Resuts of final table Super MILLION$

Place Player Country Prize
1 Timothy Adams Canada $315,158
2 Jans Arends Austria $255,485
3 MAMOHT_T Russia $207,111
4 Artur Martirosian Russia $167,896
5 Alex Papazian Croatia $136,106
6 Fabrice Touil Brazil $110,335
7 Laurynas Levinskas Croatia $89,444
8 Seth Davies Canada $72,508
9 Anatoly Filatov Russia $58,779

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