(15.07.2019) Tom Koral took the first place in Event #82: $1,500 NLH Double Stack

Tom Koral

Tom Koral

The next World Series of Poker tournament with double stacks and a buy-in of $1500 is over. The victory was celebrated by Tom Coral. This event was attended by 2589 players, and the prize for the first place was $530,164. For Tom Coral, this is already the second WSOP gold bracelet, the first one he won in 2017 in the Stud tournament.

“It means a lot to me specifically because it’s hold’em,” Koral said to assorted media directly after his victory. “I think a lot of people look at me as mixed games primarily, so this was kind of my way of showing I could still play hold’em,” he chuckled.

In the heads-up, Tom Coral was confronted by Freek Scholten. However, a key hand would soon take place that saw Koral improve to a lead he wouldn’t give up. In the pivotal hand, Koral raised with ace-five first to act and saw Scholten throw in a three-bet. The flop came jack-jack-ten rainbow and Scholten threw out a small continuation-bet. Bets are often polarized here, according to Koral, and he called figuring his ace-high was still good often enough to call one bet. The turn brought an offsuit deuce and Scholten checked. Koral bet 8.5 million, around 40% of the size of the pot, and Scholten called.

Final Table Results

Place Player Country Prize
1 Tom Koral United States $530,164
2 Freek Scholten Netherlands $327,563
3 Barry Shulman United States $239,187
4 Philip Scaletta United States $176,219
5 Adam Hendrix United States $131,001
6 Darren Rabinowitz United States $98,274
7 Kunal Punjwani India $74,401
8 Kalyan Cheekuri India $56,850
9 Pablo Fernandez Spain $43,843

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