(29.09.2018) Tony Ruberto wins WPT Maryland.


Tony Ruberto

Tony Ruberto

World Poker Tour Maryland tournament finished in Maryland Live! Casino. In this tournamnet was registered 554 players. For this event Tony Ruberto get $ 344,755. During 2018 he won $ 1 million in live tournaments thanks to third place in partypoker MILLIONS North America Main Event ($ 781,018) and fourth place WPT Choctaw ($ 166,605).

When 13 players remained in this tournament, Tony Ruberto won a huge pot when he opened from the cutoff position in the blinds 15,000 / 25,000 / 25,000 and Josh Turner called on the button. Ruberto check-called 80,000 on the flop and 175,000 on the turn. He also checked for the third time on the river and Turner bet 305,000. Ruberto re-reise to 985,000 and Turner called with a set of 8 and saw that the opponent had a backdoor Broadway.

In heads-up, Tony Ruberto confronted Shankar Pillai. Finally, on the 179th hand, Ruberto check-raised with a ten-high flush draw and felt committed enough to call when Pillai jammed with top pair of aces. Ruberto found his flush on the river to end the tournament on a beat for Pillai.

Final Table Results

1Tony Ruberto$344,755*
2Shankar Pillai$220,780
3Jeremy Ausmus$162,597
4Will Givens$121,112
5Aaron Pinson$91,230
6Mark Sandness$69,609

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