Couple of reasons why you should play at UPoker in new year holidays.


One of the most popular Asian poker rooms can interest almost any player. At the moment UPoker is firmly entrenched among the best popular poker platforms. There are several subjective reasons why you should play at UPoker during the New Year holidays in this article.


Alot of cash tables.

We offer access to a couple of major alliances on the Upoker platform. There you can find a wide variety of any poker games. During the day, each club has from 150 up to 250 active tables. There are tables of  NL Hold’em, PL Omaha, Omaha 5 cards, Omaha 6 cards, Short Deck Hold’em as well as OFC.

Weak field at low and medium limits.

At almost every table in Upoker clubs you can find one to three weak players. Most of the traffic is generated by amateur players from Asian and Latin American countries.

Tournaments with a good guarantee.

UPoker clubs regularly have a lot of table tournaments with large prize pools. In these tournaments, players have the opportunity to win big enough prizes for a small buyin.


There is rakeback available for our players at UPoker clubs. For more information, please contact our managers on Skype or by email.


UPoker took the best features of the PPPoker platform to make a truly handy gaming client.  The main feature is that you can play up to 4 tables simultaneously from one account.

If you want to start playing this poker room then you need to contact us via skype or by email.


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