(28.05.2018) Vadim Shlez is the winner of the Main Event WSOP-C Russia.


Champion of the main tournament WSOP-C Russia was the ukrainian player Vadim Shlez. At some point he was in the balance of the flight from the tournament and could finish in third place. However, on this day luck was on his side and Vadim Shlez was able to win the grand prize of $ 300 thousand dollars and the gold ring.

Vadim Shlez is the winner of the Main Event WSOP-C Russia.

Vadim Shlez is the winner of the Main Event WSOP-C Russia.

In the main tournament WSOP-C Russia recorded 1699 entries. The guaranteed prize fund of this event  was 120 million rubles. There were 14 players on the final day Main Event WSOP-C Russia,. After 2 hours after the start of the day, the final table was formed.

WSOPC Russia

WSOPC Russia

Final table chipcount WSOP-C Russia Main Event:

1.  Yan Ezerskii – 12,940,000
2.  Salavat Khabibullin – 12,880,000
3. Andrey Chernokoz – 10,440,000
4. Pavel Kovalenko – 10,190,000
5. Aram Vartevanyan – 10,025,000
6. Arthur Vartikyan – 8,585,000
7.  Vadim Shlez – 8,515,000
8.  Oleg Eltsov – 7,785,000
9. Ruslan Mityaev – 3,320,000

The first player to finish the performance on this final table was Arthur Vartikyan, who checked-raise all-in with K-J on the flop of 9-10-6. His opponent quickly called with QQ. In the wake of it, in the 8th place Salavat Khabibullin completed his speech, which opened with a cutoff on AK, Chernokoz in the big blind started up at 6-6. A quick call from Khabibullin, but the board did not bring any desired card for him.

The most interesting thing started when there were only 3 players left. One of the hands could leave the tournament Vadim Shlez, who with a short stack put all-in with j-9 and came under domination against  Yan Ezerskii who had A-J. The flop became 6-8-5. Turn – 2. On the river, Vadim had only 7 outs to gain and he was closed by the street as the dealer put 7. After this hand, Vadim knocked out of the tournament Yan Yezersky, who was trying to overwhelm most of the stack, and then in the big blind he slapped all-in having A-4 against K-6, but the king came on the turn.

In the heads-up, Vadim Shlez had a three-fold advantage over his opponents in chips. Although at some point the stacks of players leveled, the ukrainian player still managed to bring the game to victory. In the final distribution, Andrei Chernokoz put all-in with suited J-9, and Vadim Shlez was given pocket K-K.

The final table results:

PlacePlayerHome CountryPrize
1Vadim ShlezUkraine$159,600
2Andrey ChernokozRussia$111,762
3Yan EzerskiiRussia$72,058
4Oleg EltsovRussia$53,305
5Pavel KovalenkoUkraine$40,600
6Aram VartevanyanRussia$32,249
7Ruslan MityaevRussia$26,705
8Salavat KhabibullinBelarus$21,245
9 Artur VartikyanRussia$15,946

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