13.07.2016 “Great schemer” – PokerDOm new promotion


“Great schemer” – PokerDOm new promotion

PokerDom announced a new “Great schemer” promo campaign that will take place from July, 11 till 30.  The point is that you will receive money bonuses for the poker hands you gather during the game. Yes, we already have run such campaigns, but back then you had to compete with other players! For example you have gathered a strong hand of poker that is entitled to bonus, but another player has gathered a stronger one and as the result you ended up beyond pay table and did not get your bonus. This time you are not competing with anyone. Once you gather a poker hand eligible for a bonus, you will receive it for sure! Compete only with yourself!

The countdown will start every day at 11 AM (GMT +3) and end at 6 PM (GMT +3). You can only receive the price for the strongest hand you gather during the period under report. For example, you entered the game at 11:30 (GMT +3) and gathered quad of aces and this is eligible foe 800 rubles. But by 5 PM you drew a Royal flush which means you will receive as much as 2000 rubles! And the following day it will start over.

Prize table for tables with blinds 4/8, 5/10, 10/20, 15/30 and 20/40 RUB

Prize table

Prize table

Prize table for tables with blinds from 25/50 and higher

Prize table

Prize table

Additional terms of promotion

  1.    1. General Terms & Conditions of poker room apply.
  2.    2. Only registered PokerDom players participate in promotion.
  3.    3. Terms and Conditions of promotion can be changed or updated at any time.
  4.    4. In promotion participate only RUB unlimitedTexas Hold’em tables.
  5.    5. BOOST-tables do not participate in the promotion.
  6.    6. Combination is counted, when at least 3 players participate in distribution.
  7.    7. Combination is counted, when a minimum rakeat 1 RUB is collected.
  8.    8. You do not have to enter the Showdown stage.
  9.    9. Prizes are credited at poker room account automatically at the end of ladder
  10. 10. You can follow your results in this promo campaign in the gaming client in section CASH – “Active promo campaigns”.

Registring on PokerDom site you can follow this link https://asia-poker.com/online-poker/pokerdom/ 


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