(18.02.2018) Viktor “Isildur1” Blom took down the partypoker MILLIONS Main Event!


The partypoker LIVE MILLIONS at one of the biggest poker arena, the King’s Casino in Rozvadov, has come to a fitting end. Out of 1,022 entries total, only 13 hopefuls remained on the final day of play and Viktor “Isildur1” Blom took down the event.

The 27-year-old online legend from Sweden can usually be found grinding long sessions at the high stakes cash tables online, this time he lifted a live trophy after some 14 hours on the final day.

In the final heads-up Victor Blom came out with Pavel Plesov from Moldova. The players concluded a deal, as a result of which each of them received 750 000 € each, and the winner of the tournament receives an additional 100 000 € for the winner.

Final Result partypoker LIVE MILLIONS Germany €5,300 Main Event

Place Winner Country Prize
1 Viktor Blom Sweden €850,000*
2 Pavel Plesuv Moldova €750,000*
3 Rickie Silcock United Kingdom €400,000
4 Joao Simao Brazil €280,000
5 Radoslaw Wesierski Poland €200,000
6 Ondrej Drozd Czech Republic €140,000
7 Aristeidis Moschonas Greece €100,000
8 Niko Wieland Germany €70,000

The final hand of the tournament was a special one. Blom opened king-six off, and Plesuv called with queen-seven suited. Plesuv check-called a bet with second pair on queen-nine-king with two hearts and one diamons. The ace of diamonds on the turn gave Plesuv a flush draw, and he check-called a bet again. The river came the five of hearts, making for three hearts on the table. Plesuv, stuck with what was now third pair and a missed flush draw, shoved as a bluff. Blom considered all his options, shook his head, looked at the board again, counted his chips, tanked, and then decided to call with second-pair and no kicker.


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