(08.01.2019) What do you need to know about Kingsclubpoker?


KingsClubPoker is a private American poker room. Here, almost around the clock, you can find a good action in NL Hold’em, Pot Limit Omaha, OFC Chinese Poker and other games. Registration in this poker room is closed, but we provide accounts and access for our players.



What you need to know about KingsClubPoker?

Software. This poker room has only a browser version of the client. Nevertheless, the Kingsclubpoker interface is quite convenient and thoughtful. If necessary, players can filter the game according to their preferences. There is also an opportunity to take a place in the waiting list at any table. At the gaming tables there is the ability to customize the beta slider.

Traffic. Kingsclubpoker is not a big private American poker room. Most of the game takes place at the tables in Omaha. But, there is also an opportunity to find a good action at the tables in Hold’em and Chinese poker. At peak hours, the total number of players reaches up to 200.

What is profitable? Kingsclubpoker is a poker room where you can play at high stakes in Omaha, Hold’em, and also Chinese poker with recreational players. The room is ideal for players of medium and high limits.

Kingsclubpoker is a private american poker club with an expensive cash game.

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