What’s up with PokerKing, How is PokerMaster Doing, Newcomers RedDragon and PokerStars1China.


It is of no secret that due to mass (or total) blockage, PokerKing play practically died.

The company had mass firings of employers who were responsible for the Western market and we can’t say with 100% certainty how the bankrolls of the players in the room are going to do. Currently, more than 12 affiliates that belong to the Western agents were blocked – it is more than 8 thousand accounts with total bankroll of 20 million dollars. Unfortunately, we couldn’t get any comments on what’s going to happen. The poker room gives ridiculous accusations towards players. Almost all the agents got accused of “being bots”, “team play” and other things. Among so-called “bots” were short deck players and those who play at 100-200.

WTF is going on?

Currently, there were some unbanned players but those cases are still rare and there is no particular information. Should this continue, tomorrow, on Monday, there will be a social outburst. There are very different versions on why this happened, from “major accounts are arrested by the government” to “the owners are still shocked on how much money did Western Players win and want to control the situation thoroughly”.

It is not a secret that Pokermaster is on the fall of traffic since autumn. The squads aren’t really good, nevertheless, they are profitable in certain sections,


New poker rooms

Newcomer Red Dragon uses the same model PokerKing does, here is a new photo of the lobby.

Red Dragon Lobby

Red Dragon Lobby

It is up to you should it a try, but the games (especially, considering PokerKing situation) are sweet. That goes without saying.

Pokerstars1 China. Another newbie here that uses the model of poker room we are used to, chips are money, centralized games, common understanding of the bankroll, also good squads.

Pokerstars1 China

Pokerstars1 China


Sincerely yours, Gellemar and Asia-poker.

P.s. We’d also loved to recommend our new partner Cardmates! Best selection of traditional poker rooms and the highest rake back only there!



Pokermaster is an exclusive poker room, with a lot of expensive cash games.

Ped Dragon Poker is a new chinese application with recreational palyers.

POKERSTARS1 CHINA is application with recreational players from asian countries.

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