(12.05.2018) Thirteen poker is better than Pokermaster?


Thirteen poker is not exactly the usual poker room where private games are played (like HomeGames on PokerStars) at NL60 $ -NL700 $. Most of the players are already familiar with Pokermaster, which has been one of the best poker applications for mid and high stakes for many months. While his younger brother 13Poker appeared on the poker “arena” relatively recently. Let’s take a closer look and try to identify the main advantages in order to understand what Thirteen poker is better than Pokermaster?

Thirteen poker

Thirteen poker

Advantages of the game in Thirteen poker:

1) A large number of weak recretional players from China. The game in Thirteen poker is very soft and exceeds all expectations. Probably the best place to play at mid-range, maybe even better than Pokermaster.
2) Traffic here is increasing daily, due to the attraction of new recreational players from Asian countries.
3) Ability to play multiple tables using only 1 account. Now you do not need to overload your processor with several emulators in order to multitabble!

Thirteen poker table

Thirteen poker table

4) Jackpot tables. At some tables, you can get additional value in the form of a jackpot for collecting a combination of Quds or above. The size of your prize depends on the limits and which you are playing and the current size of the jackpot.

5) There are practically no regular players. In connection with the fact that the application Thirteen poker appeared relatively recently, there are quite a few regulars. Thus, the game here becomes even more attractive.

Thirteen Poker – online application for playing poker from mobile devices. For a number of reasons, this poker room is a pretty tempting place to play.




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