(03.10.2018) Where can you play Short Deck Hold’em?


It can be said that most players learned about Short Deck Hold’em about 3 years ago when Phil Ivey and Tom Dwan told about this game. Since then, this kind of poker is beginning to gain more and more popularity among players. Some online poker rooms introduced this game fairly quickly, and some decided to take a closer look. Rumor has it that in the near future even a giant like Pokerstars will launch it. At the moment, we provide access to the game in the Poker♠king application, which creates 6+ tables ranging from micro to the high stakes.

Quick rules.

The name of this game Short Deck speaks for itself. The main difference of this type of poker is the only 36 cards in the deck from sixes to ace. In some cases, the rules may differ slightly, before sitting down to play this game, read the current rules of the poker room.

Seniority of combinations in contrast to the classic Hold’em:

36-card Short Deck Hold’em 52-card Regular Hold’em
Royal Flush Royal Flush
Straight Flush Straight Flush
Quads Quads
Flush Full House
Full House Flush
3 of a Kind Straight
Straight 3 of a Kind
Two Pair Two Pair
One pair One pair
High card High card

* There are casinos that value a straight higher than three-of-a-kind in Short Deck Hold’em so make sure to check the house rules!

Hold’em 6+ at Poker♠king

At the moment, this Asian app is one of the largest providers of Short Deck Poker. The game here can be found at limits ranging from micro to high stakes. Our players over the last couple of months have been in very good plus at the tables with a short deck at this application.

A full review of this application can be found here. In order to start playing you need to contact our manager in Skype. If you want to preview the amount of the game, then we can give you a test account.

Poker♠King is a Chinese poker application for mobile devices.

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