(10.01.2018) Why you need to play 6+ Hold`em?


At the moment, in the Asian countries came a new era of 6+ Hold’em. In China, already everywhere, this game is more fun and saturated for recreational players than classic Hold’em. The rules in 6+ do not have any significant differences, so many players will be able to easily rearrange themselves. However, the deck consists of 36 cards (compared to the full 52-card deck of Texas Hold’em) and there are no cards of 2, 3, 4 and 5.

Could you enjoy 6+?

In order to determine this, you need to play this exciting kind of poker. Without a doubt, this game is exotic for many and is still poorly understood. Therefore, the competition here is not so high, as in more classical types of poker.

Why is it worth playing 6+?

– Very few players who play well in 6+.
– Recreational players who will be happy to receive a lot more ‘good’ hands.
– More aggressive game at the table.

Where to play?

We offer you a new Chinese poker room in which you have the opportunity to play 6+ Hold’em. If you want to try playing 6+ Hold’em, please contact us via Skype or email. Our managers will gladly help you create an account!

6+ Holdem is the new Chinese poker room, which is available for playing with mobile phones and tablets based on iOS and Android.


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