Poker Community Backs 2022 WSOP Main Event Champ Espen Jorstad in Swap Dispute


WSOP Main Event Champ
The latest champion of the World Series of Poker (WSOP) Main Event took to social media on Aug. 29 to address a swap dispute between himself and Greece’s Alex “Pwndidi” Theologis that left many prominent poker players backing the Main Event champ.

In a lengthy post, Jorstad, who went on to win the poker championship for $10 million, claimed to have “no memory” and “no records” of ever swapping with Theologis, who he said he had only met a few times and had “never swapped in anything else.”

In his post, Jorstad explained that on July 13, Day 7 of the Main Event, he received Instagram messages from Theologis, a primarily online grinder with $592,840 in WSOP earnings, asking about the swap. Jorstad responded that he didn’t have anything written down about swapping and asked Theologis where it happened.

“F*** I knew this would happen when I didn’t write down in chat with my (swaps),” Theologis wrote. “I am sure that we swapped 3% at some point, maybe it was on our way or during dinner? Maybe at the wynn? I’m not sure at what point but I’ve swapped with everyone and I’m very confident we swapped.”

“That’s awkward indeed,” replied Jorstad. “I don’t remember swapping with you, and I have all my swaps in a list here.”

According to Jorstad, the two later met in a hotel in Las Vegas to “talk about the situation” and later continued their conversation on Instagram. On July 22, Jorstad told Theologis that “given that I have no recollection of us swapping, and you also don’t remember when or where this happened, it’s pretty clear there is no swap in place.”

On July 29, Theologis replied: “I feel so betrayed and disappointed I guess, I never expected to experience something like this as I only swap with people I think are trustworthy and especially from you. Lesson learned I guess, not sure how you can sleep at night and be happy with yourself but yeah.”

The 2022 Main Event champion, who said he “hold(s) my own integrity in very high regard,” defended his belief that there was no swap in place but said he wanted to hear other opinions. “I strongly believe that it is crystal clear that there is no swap. However, if the community disagrees with me, I’m happy to go to arbitration with Ike, Timex etc, and if they believe the swap is on I will happily pay Alex the 3%.



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