(08.05.2019) How to win WSOP package at PPPoker?


World Series of Poker will start very soon. A huge number of players will come to Las Vegas to compete for the WSOP title. Tournaments of this series are considered the most prestigious offline, and winning the World Series of Poker bracelet is comparable to the gold medal in any other sport.

In connection with this event american PPPoker club Sunshine / Moonriver decided to hold a tournament where you can win 2 packages worth 12 thousand dollars for WSOP tournaments.




How to take part in the tournament?

Anyone can take part in the tournament. In order to join this american PPPoker club you need to contact to our skype manager and ask him to accept your account to that club.

Basic tournament information

Prize fund is 24 thousand dollars. Thus the prizes are only two for 12 thousand dollars each. The tournament starts on May 8 at 7:00 pm US time (Central USA Time).

The tournament buy-in is only $ 100 + re-buys. During late registration, each player can make an unlimited number of rebuys. Late registration in the tournament to level 10. Blind growth every 8 minutes. At the end of the late registration, players can buy an add-on.


PPPoker Club Sunshine / Moonriver

Sunshine / Moonriver club is one of the largest clubs on the PPPoker platform. This is probably one of the best clubs for playing NLH or PLO. You can find alot of cash tables here on limits from NL40 $ up to NL1K $ in No Limit Hold’em, as well as from PL40 $ up to PL1K $ in Pot Limit Omaha.

To start playing at PPPoker you need to contact our manager via Skype or email.


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