(23.05.2018) Yuriy Kim became the first champion of the WSOP-C Russia.


Professional poker player Yuriy Kim, who is a citizen of Uzbekistan went down in history. Since he managed to become the first champion of WSOP-C Russia. The tournament in which he was lucky enough to win was a record (in terms of the number of entries made) in Russia.

 Yuriy Kim

Yuriy Kim

On the final day, only 19 people passed, including three players who passed through online: Anatoly Filatov, Oleg Suntsov and Roman Hajiyev. Anatoly Filatov became the owner of special prize Golden Chip, due to the fact that he lasted longer than the other players who passed through the online days of this tournament. This time, the prize was a free ticket to the Main Event of the WSOP-C Russia.

It is noteworthy that the bubble boys the final table were two players Dmitry Vitugin and Roman Hajiyev. The first half of the final table was held under the total domination of Sedrak Baghdasaryan and Anatoly Filatov. But luck on this day was on the side of Yuriy Kim, who started the day with 10 blinds and at some point dropped to 3 blinds. During the second half of the final table, Kim really developed very well. And when the game left three players he had more than half of all the chips in the tournament. At one point Anatoly Filatov got aces and he managed to double about Baghdasaryan and in the next hand to knock him out of the tournament.

In heads-up, Yuriy Kim had twice as many chips as Filatov. After a long head-heap in which the leadership intercepted, as one and the other player, handed the hand to which the winner was determined. In the last hand, Filatov’s KJ did not resist the pocket aces of Yuriy Kim.

Final table results

Place Player Prize
1 Yuriy Kim ₽9,600,000
2 Anatoly Filatov ₽6,000,000
3 Sedrak Baghdasaryan ₽3,834,000
4 Кonstantin Kostyakov ₽2,700,000
5 Оleg Suntsov ₽1,800,000
6 Vyacheslav Pak ₽1,260,000
7 Evgeniy Gavrilovish ₽960,000
8 Artyom Voziyanov ₽768,000

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