Китайский покер “Ананас”

Chinese pineapple poker

If you’re at this page, you really want to know what kind of game is it – Chinese poker.


This game was created somewhere about 5 years ago by the group of Scandinavian pros, who were tired of waiting during live play as there were no contestants and they needed a game for three people to spare some time . This game is basically simpler than usual poker and somehow resembles solitaire. Despite this fact, Chinese poker won millions of fans across the globe.



Китайский покер Ананас

Chinese poker OFC

Chinese poker pineapple rules

Rules of Chinese poker are very simple. You receive 17 cards in portions of 5, 3, 3, 3 and 3 cards. Your aim is to place cards in a way top cards of three cards worse than the second box, and the second box, in turn, worse than the third one. So here is the ideal scenario. First box has three aces, second has quads and the third is Royal Flush. As one can guess, this scenario is very hard to get.
So Chinese poker is the game combinatory possibilities and people with technical mind abilities will be able to find some ways in it easily. As the luck involved, this game will be interesting for everyone!
One could play for real money at poker rooms:
Fulpot poker is a poker room with Asian players and the highest stakes in the world. Doft is the best in the class here.
Spartan Poker is an Indian poker room with nice soft and active players.
Lianzhong poker – an Chinese poker room with biggest bets in OFC.
Specially for you we’ve made comparison table of online casinos with Chinese Poker –
Where to play Chinese Poker online