(04.03.2018) Alexandru Gavrilut wins tournamnet with €2200 buyin.


Alexandru Gavrilut

Alexandru Gavrilut

Now in Bucharest is the poker series Unibet Open. One of the tournament with buyin €2200 won Romanian player Alexander Gavrilut. His prize for the first place was $ 44,717. In total, 63 players were registered in the tournament. This win was the biggest prize in the career of a Romanian player.

Gavrilut was excited about the win and shared: “It is a nice feeling because winning helps you forget about all of the bad beats and bad hands.”

More famous player Simeon Spasov began to play the final table with the chip leader stack, and Gavrilut had the smallest stack. However, both players reached the heads-up. Do not look at the fact that Spasov had an advantage in chips 2 to 1, luck this evening was accompanied by Alexander Gavrilut. In the final hand, Spasov, holding jack-nine with top pair on the turn and got a call from Gavrilut with a lower pair holding queen-eight. Things looked good for Spasov until an eight spiked the river to give Gavrilut trips and the title.

Final table results:

Place Player Country Prize in € Prize in $
1 Alexandru Gavrilut Romania €38,630 $44,717
2 Simeon Spasov Bulgaria €23,980 $27,760
3 Petre Laurentiu Chiriac Romania €16,540 $19,148
4 Andrei Nodea Romania €12,250 $14,181
5 Amir Shomron Israel €9,420 $10,905
6 Paraskevas Tsokaridis Greece €7,250 $8,393
7 Vladas Tamasauskas Lithuania €5,800 $6,714
8 Cosmin Voinea Romania €4,640 $2,371
9 Jack Sinclair United Kingdom €3,710 $4,295

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