(8.11.2018) Best online poker rooms for Heads-up poker.


During the past several years, such a discipline as Heads-up poker survives its hard times. Most of the poker rooms, including such a giant like Pokerstars got rid of the classic heads-up cash tables from their lobby, and the other poker rooms reduced the action drastically. However, we are still able to find heads-up poker at some places.

Heads-up poker

Heads-up poker

This poker format is the discipline that require the biggest skill level. At Heads-up tables you have to adjust each of your opponents, understand the structure of the board and all the runouts. The control and self-discipline are the key in this format.

Classic online poker rooms with heads-up cash game.

The biggest action in the lobby among poker rooms is PartyPoker and the American poker rooms of Winning network, such as Pokerking.

So let’s have a look at this Pokerking. During peak hours, you are able to find some great action at the stakes up to NL$100 included. The most popular are the tables at the stakes of NL$50 (up to 10 tables) and NL$100 (up to 10 tables). This poker room has a rule that a single player is able to sit at only 4 tables at once. That way, 1 regular is unable to block the entire stakes limit. The play is available up to NL$5K.

Asian poker apps with heads-up poker tables.

It is not a secret that Asian apps for playing poker are atop of their popularity. Many players prefer playing heads-up poker get lots of action.

The biggest app to play heads-up is Pokermaster. In the evenings, one is able to find 30 tables at stakes of NL30$ to NL1.5K$. Contact us and we will help you find the most comfortable clubs for you.

If you are the player at lower, middle, or high stakes heads-up poker, you will be able to find the best conditions to play poker. For additional information, contact us via Skype or email.

Pokermaster is an exclusive poker room, with a lot of expensive cash games.

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