(15.01.2020) Cash Bomb is a unique promotion at the indian poker room TheSpartanPoker.

Cash Bomb 2020

Cash Bomb 2020

Indian poker room TheSpartanPoker will once again hold a unique CashBomb promotion. Cash poker players can get extra profit. The prize draw will be held daily at the tables.

How do I participate in the Cash Bomb promotion?

The Cash Bomb promotion is open to NL Hold’em and Pot Limit Omaha cash players. Heads Up and OFC tables do not qualify in the promotion. If a player plays 50 post-flop hands & then sit-outs, he will need to play 50 post-flop hands before the pay-out to be eligible. The player has to be active on the table when the Cash Bomb gets dropped. Inactive (Sitting out) players will not be eligible for their share of Cash Bomb.

The player must be active at the table when the Cash Bomb falls out. Players who were in the sitout at the table during CashBomb will not receive a prize. Every day 66k INR lahs will be played at the cash tables.


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